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Sonya Zhang

Chief Financial Officer

Sonya Zhang is a dedicated and forward-thinking Finance Leader with a remarkable 25-year hands-on experience in Accounting and Financial management. Her expertise extends to the intricacies of healthcare business operations, with a particular focus on Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and financial performance optimization.

Since 2009, Sonya has been a key figure in the realm of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). Her educational background includes degrees in Accounting and Business Administration, complemented by a Master's degree in Economics.

Before joining Heritage Health, she held the position of Regional Finance Director at Pathways. In that role, she was an integral part of the senior leadership team and was responsible for strategic planning, oversight, and decision-making. Her achievements include notable improvements in organizational efficiency, increased revenue, structural growth, and cost savings, as well as enhanced financial accuracy.

Beyond her professional life, Sonya is happily married to her husband, Chenggang, and is a loving mother of two children. In her leisure time, she passionately participates in a Chinese classical dance troupe, actively contributing to the preservation and promotion of Chinese culture.

Sonya Zhang
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