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Efficient Care
Transforming  Healthcare

New Approach To Patient Care

Heritage Health is taking a completely new approach to healthcare that benefits medical providers, clinical support staff and ultimately our patients.


What Makes The Program Special

  • No weekends

  • Four 10-hour workdays

  • Tuition Assistance

  • Professional growth opportunities

  • 8 paid holidays off

  • $2,000 bonus

  • Pay Increase

Why Efficient Care Works

Efficient Care-22_edited.jpg

"Efficient Care removes the distracting barrier of a computer between a provider and patient and promotes the development of real connection."

      - Kailei, Clinic Director II 

"Efficient care takes the medical assistant (MA) and gives them the tools they need to take their clinical abilities to the next level by providing a better understanding of what makes up provider level medical decision making."

      -  Rob, Medical Assistant Supervisor

Efficient Care-15_edited.jpg
Efficient Care-63_edited.jpg

Efficient care allows medical assistants to work fully within their scope of practice and provides a new perspective on how patients are cared for in the medical field."

     -Carley, Medical Assistant

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