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Transforming healthcare

New Approach To Patient Care

Heritage Health is taking a completely new approach to healthcare that benefits medical providers, clinical support staff and ultimately our patients.


What Makes the Program Special

No weekends

Four 10-hour weekdays

Tuition Assistance

Professional growth opportunities 

8 paid holidays off

$2,000 bonus

Increased pay

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"Efficient Care removes the distracting barrier of a computer between a provider and patient and promotes the development of real connection."

      - Kailei, Clinic Director II 

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Efficient care allows medical assistants to work fully within their scope of practice and provides a new perspective on how patients are cared for in the medical field."

     -Carley, Medical Assistant

Why Efficient Care Works

"Efficient care takes the medical assistant (MA) and gives them the tools they need to take their clinical abilities to the next level by providing a better understanding of what makes up provider level medical decision making."

      -  Rob, Medical Assistant Supervisor

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