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Jeremy Kendall, LCPC


Jeremy Kendall joined Heritage Health in 2023 and currently works as a Mental Health Therapist. Jeremy has 18 of years working various positions in the mental health field and went into mental health counseling because of his curiosity in the applications of psychological theories.  


Jeremy specializes in helping people with complicated trauma and anxiety disorders. He believes in sound, evidence-based techniques for self development, while leaving space for the mysterious in the therapeutic relationship. He is consistently fascinated in processes that heal, especially those that “unplug” the individual from artificial connection and offer authentic connection.


Originally from Rapid City, South Dakota, he enjoyed a typical midwestern childhood. Early in his life he fell in love with martial arts and visual art. He continues to participate in fine art shows and exhibits. He found a passion for yoga after being introduced to it in his early 30s. He later became a certified yoga teacher as he loves to share the practice with others.  


Jeremy earned his Associates in Communications, at Northwest College in Powell Wyoming in 1999, Bachelors in Sociology/Psychology at Black Hills State in Spearfish, SD in 2005, and Masters in Mental Health Counseling from South Dakota State University in 2010.



Jeremy Kendall, LCPC
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