Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship funds are limited, not all requests will be approved.

Applying for Funding

Funding will be considered for proposals for health-related events and sponsorships that meet all of the following criteria:

Meet the promotional needs of Heritage Health.

One Request Per Year
Heritage Health will entertain one request per agency per calendar year.

Benefitting Our Area
The request benefits the geographic regions served by Heritage Health. Priority will be given to Kootenai County, Shoshone County and St. Maries.

Mission, Vision, & Values
The request is consistent with Heritage Health’s mission, vision, and values.

Community Outreach Efforts
The request aligns with Heritage Health’s community outreach efforts.

Sponsorship Recognition
Heritage Health will receive recognition of the sponsorship through the approved use of our logo in advertisements and other materials, such as banners, t-shirts, social media, posters, and brochures.

Your request may be denied for the following reasons:

The request is linked to political parties or specific candidates

Requests from individuals, including patients or employees

Requests that do not improve the health of the greater community

Funding eligibility requirements

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements:

Have a current 501(c)3 not-for-profit, tax exempt-status under IRS Code Section 170, or be a governmental agency/department of a public educational institute.


Operate underwritten articles of incorporation and by-laws or other written documents or statutes that define the applicant’s purposes, membership, management, and operation.

Demonstrate effective program performance and financial responsibility and accountability.


When to apply?

Requests are received throughout the year. However, funding is limited. It’s wise to submit requests as early as possible, six months to one year in advance is strongly recommended. Heritage Health takes 30 days to process an application for approval.


How to Apply for Funds

Review application guidelines

Download the application form found below

Complete the application and submit it along with supporting documentation.


Email the completed form to outreach@myheritagehealth.org
Or direct mail to: Pam Houser, Vice President of Community Relations and Business Development at

P.O. Box 3468
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

No applications will be taken over the phone. Incomplete applications will be rejected.