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Kristin Ficklin, LMSW



Kristin Ficklin joined Heritage Health in 2022 and currently works as a clinical based counselor. Kristin has two of years working in the mental health field and went into counseling to promote healthy living, instill hope, and to help patients overcome life’s challenges. 


Kristin specializes in helping people through addiction and recovery and loves working with patients in helping them to achieve their set goals, strengthen their self-esteem, and to provide the necessary support needed in helping the patient find a new sense of self. 


Kristin enjoys the outdoors and participates in activities such as boating and backpacking. 


Kristin earned her Bachelor’s degree from California State University of Los Angeles in Social Work in 2020 and a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California for Social Work in 2022.   



Kristin Ficklin, LMSW
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