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Angela Baker, LPC ACADC

Therapist and Therapist Lead

Angela Baker (Angie) joined Heritage Health in 2016 but has been with Restored Paths since October 1, 2015, and currently works as a Substance Use Counselor Lead. Angie, LPC, ACADC, has 14 years of working in mental health and/or substance use and went into substance use counseling to be a support to those struggling and provide support and empathy to assist them in overcoming and redirecting their life path.    


Angie specializes in helping people who have been impacted by substance use or other addictive behaviors and loves working with patients because seeing individuals make life changes and strengthen themselves is the most fulfilling way to give back to others.  


Originally from Coeur d’ Alene, Angie loves music and reading.   


Angie earned both her bachelor’s and two master's degrees from the University of Idaho. Her master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies was her second master’s degree after initially studying education.    


A fun fact about Angie is the thing my family and I do for fun is attend concerts. I have been to over fifty mainline shows and continue to attend whenever I get a chance.   

Angela Baker, LPC ACADC
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