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Keelin Hines

Nurse Practitioner

Keelin Hinejoined Heritage Health in 2022 and currently works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Keelin has more than 21 of years working in nursing and she went into psychiatric services because she wanted to help those struggling with mental health to improve their quality of life.


“It’s a very interesting field,” says Keelin. “There is a lot we don’t know about the brain. I try to understand where people are coming from. I have a passion for that patient population.”


Keelin started her professional career as a nurse. She worked in various hospitals throughout the region, including Kootenai Health and Sacred Heart.


Originally from Spokane, Keelin, specializes in helping people with mental health issues and loves working with patients because she’s compelled to help.


Keelin earned their Bachelor’s degree from Western Governors University in Nursing in 2019 and a Master’s degree from Frontier Nursing University Psych Mental Health in 2022.  


Keelin has five children and a supportive husband. She enjoys being at the lake with her family. She loves going on nature walks, going to classes at the gym, baking, gardening. She enjoys being a soccer and baseball mom and all of the travel that goes with it.

Keelin Hines
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