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Annaliese Pelletier, LMSW


Annaliese Pelletier joined Heritage Health in 2023 and currently works as a therapist. Annaliese has worked in the mental health for over a decade, assisting individuals of all ages who are experiencing an acute mental/behavioral health crisis episode. She went into the mental health field because of the unique opportunities to advocate and intervene for client’s and their families who are experiencing a crisis.   


Annaliese enjoys helping people with mental health conditions discover their authentic selves and empowering people to heal and live healthy lives. 


Annaliese earned a Bachelor’s degree from Whitworth University in Psychology in 2013 and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Boise State University in 2018.  


Aside from mental health, Annaliese’s other passions include spending time with her family, reading, traveling, and barre class.

Annaliese Pelletier, LMSW
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