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Pam Thompson

Board Member

Pam Thompson has an illustrious and decorated career in health care, spanning more than 30 years.

She is committed to helping people. Pam has served as the President of the National Society of Healthcare Social Workers and on the national board twice. In 2008, she was named Social Work Leader of the Year for three counties.

She served as the director of eight different departments at Kootenai Health over a span of 33 years. She also worked part-time at Advanced Healthcare of CDA and Northwest Specialty Hospital.

She has been a graduate-level professor for Boise State, Eastern Washington, and Walla Walla Universities for more than thirty years.

Pam loves public speaking because she can reach more people with messages than counseling one-on-one. She does seminars on stress, laughter, empowerment, difficult personalities, etc.

In her spare time, Pam loves fly fishing, traveling, cooking, and is a master gardener on her lavender farm.

Pam Thompson
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