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Steven Malek


I’m Dr. Steven Malek, originally from a small town in northern Montana, Conrad. I graduated from Carroll College in Helena, Montana in 1977 and from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, in 1981. My residency was at the University of Utah.

I started doing emergency medicine in 1982 and retired from Kootenai Health in 2021, after 33 years in that emergency department. I am married to a beautiful lady, Dr. Leanne Rousseau for 42+ years. She has enticed me to return to work to help her with her projects at Heritage Health.

I was committed to becoming a physician as early as 6th grade, and never wavered. I love caring for people, solving the puzzles of their presentation, and the challenge of developing a trusting relationship as quickly as possible. I love to golf, water ski, snow ski, hike, and visit my nine grandchildren.

Steven Malek
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