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Luke Hopkins

Physician Assistant

Luke Hopkins, 30, discovered he loved helping people by accident.

“My friend asked if I wanted to take his spot in an EMT Class and I said yes,” says Hopkins. “I did that for two years, got a little burnt out on it. Then I went into business for myself, but I missed the healthcare aspect of the job. Then decided to go back to school and it was a perfect fit for me.”

Hopkins earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Thomas Edison State University in sociology. Hopkins graduated from the University of Washington’s MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program in Spokane.

He chose to help senior citizens because he felt they were the most underserved patient populations.

“They’re really fun to work with and they present different challenges than the general population,” said Hopkins. “I like to build rapport with patients and empathize with them to understand where they are coming from.”

Luke is single. He is passionate about mountain biking and snowboarding.

Hopkins’ dad was a physical education teacher and coached a competitive jump roping team. Luke won a national gold medal in freestyle jump roping for boys 12 and under. His accomplishment was broadcast on ESPN.

Luke Hopkins
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