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Paula Dahlen

Nurse Practitioner

Paula Dahlen had a passion to spend her life wisely and help others. Growing up in North Dakota, she initially thought a forestry career was her future. But seeing the suffering of people in Africa, she knew if she was going to make a difference in the world if wasn’t going to be working in the forests.

She enrolled in the Nursing program at the University of North Dakota and graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

After a career as a Registered Nurse and Physician Assistant spanning over 30 years, Paula found a home at Heritage Health in January of 2006.

Passionate about the mission of Heritage Health, Paula finds a deep satisfaction knowing she is changing the world, one patient, at a time. Even though she never made it to Africa, Paula has never dreaded a day of work.

In addition to her many responsibilities at work, she enjoys her free time with art projects and gardening. An avid animal lover, Paula also volunteers at local animal shelters.

Paula Dahlen
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