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Peter Huss, LCSW


Peter joined Heritage Health in 2019 and currently works as a psychotherapist. Peter has 5 years of experience working in psychotherapy and entered the profession because of his dedication to healing emotional wounds through the artful application of scientific principles proven to help those suffering from psychological pain.

Peter specializes in treating people with anxiety, depression, and trauma, and loves working with patients because they offer him the privilege of guiding them towards better self-understanding at their most vulnerable.

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Peter loves visiting other countries and eating Arabic food with his Libyan wife.

Peter earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Psychology in 2008 and his Master’s degree from Boise State University in Social Work in 2017.  

A fun fact about Peter is that he lived for a short time in a Catholic convent with nuns when he was a child.

Peter Huss, LCSW
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