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Kaitlyn Collins

Physician Assistant

Kaitlyn Collins, a Physician Assistant, joined Heritage Health in 2022. Kaitlyn has experience primarily in Urgent Care and Family Medicine.  


Kaitlyn earned her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Western University of Health Sciences and has a Bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Kinesiology with Health Sciences.  


Kaitlyn is passionate about whole body wellness. “I really like to involve patients in their care,” says Kaitlyn, “I like to empower them to make lifestyle changes that support their health and wellbeing.”  She believes that most chronic conditions can be better mitigated with proper diet and exercise changes, rather than several daily medications.  


A fun fact about Kaitlyn used to be a backup singer for a rapper who has autism. She volunteered regularly with organizations such as Autism Speaks and Autism Society of Los Angeles, which has given her great experience working with people with disabilities. Originally from Southern California, Kaitlyn loves performing music, surfing, snowboarding, and hiking with her husband.   




Kaitlyn Collins
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