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Daniel Graham

Physician Assistant

Daniel Graham joined Heritage Health in 2021 and currently he works as a Physician Assistant at the Coeur d’Alene clinic.

Daniel was a nursing assistant at a hospital in Montana and says the devastation of chronic diseases on patients motivated him to pursue a career in healthcare. Originally, from Spokane Daniel earned their Bachelor’s degree from the University of Montana in Human Biology in 2013 and a Master’s degree from the University of Washington for Clinical Health Sciences in 2020. He completed the MEDEX program in Spokane and met TJ Byrne, a longtime homeless advocate and physician. This inspired him to want to come to Heritage Health and help the underserved.

Daniel specializes in diabetes and helping people managing conditions. A self-described listener, Daniel believes in empowering people to achieve better health.

“I am there to help patients reach their goals,” said Daniel. “It feels amazing to see patients succeed and achieve better health.”

Daniel loves being outdoors. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, fly fishing and bow hunting.

Daniel Graham
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