NHCW - Children’s Health Day

Children’s Health Day – National Health Center Week ’21

More than 8 million children in the United States get their primary health care from a Community Health Center. Without a doubt, the timing of National Health Center Week lends itself well to engaging the youngest members of our communities as they prepare to return to school. From well-child checks to book drives to fun runs, health centers host events that will help children feel healthy, happy, and empowered now and in the future.


This year, we are excited to partner with Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) for Children’s Health Day! Through direct partnerships with organizations like NACHC, SSIC delivers laughter and learning to children and families who need it most. SSIC is a bilingual, multimedia initiative that harnesses the power of our engaging Muppets and proven content to reach children across the country with critical educational materials. www.SesameStreetinCommunities.org features hundreds of FREE activities ranging from ABC’s & 123’s, to health and wellness, to tougher topics like coping with traumatic experiences. These resources help build resilience skills in young kids and the grown-ups who care for them. Explore the site to find printables, videos, games, professional development tools, articles and more to use in your work with kids and families during National Health Center Week.

We’ve provided a few resources and activities below to get you started!


Staying Healthy

Routines are key to keeping healthy. Brushing teeth, washing hands, eating well, and exercising every day help everyone grow and thrive. “Every so often” routines, such as doctor and dentist checkups, ensure that families have the support, information, and care they need to help kids stay well! Visit www.SesameStreetinCommunities.org/topics/health for FREE health-focused resources for your center.

My Healthy Week Printable

Use this chart to encourage three good hygiene habits that keep little ones healthy and strong. Encourage caregivers to hang it somewhere kids can easily see, such as the refrigerator. When kids finish brushing their teeth, washing hands, or sleeping for 10 hours (recommended for ages 3–5), encourage them to color in the square. At the end of a healthy week, share a healthy snack! Providers can print and keep copies in waiting rooms or offices to share with families. Get your printable here.

My Healthy Team Printable

Before visiting the doctor, caregivers can invite kids to color this page and discuss what to expect during the visit. Discuss who’s on your child’s healthy team? (doctors, nurses, office staff, you, other family members—and herself, of course!). Providers can start this conversation too. Remind caregivers that you’re all in it together!

Tips for Well Visits Article

Empower parents by sharing this short article with them (share easily via Facebook, Twitter, or Email)! This article includes simple strategies for making well visits go smoothly, like talking about what doctors and nurses do, and helping children know what to expect.

H is for Handwashing Storybook

Handwashing is such an important healthy habit. Share this storybook with families (they can read on their smartphones, computers, or tablets) and encourage them to read together. Start a discussion – talk about the ways kids wash their hands all around the world! Ask kids about the different places they might wash their hands, such as at home, at daycare, in a public restroom, or even in your center!

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