Heritage Connect


An alternative office visit based on the Shared Medical Appointment model.

The power of Heritage Connect is the way it leads to healthier outcomes by connecting patients to providers, educational resources, and a community of peers dealing with similar conditions.

When a 15-minute office visit isn’t enough...

Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) are sessions that bring together a group of patients with similar medical conditions to meet with a provider. These sessions can be any length, but most are between 60 and 90 minutes. The sessions blend education and peer support to help patients discover new ways of managing their care.


With Heritage Connect, patients build lasting relationships with their medical team and see improved outcomes.

SMAs give you more time with your provider, even if the time is shared with other patients. The benefits of SMAs though comes from open discussion. Group members can share their experiences and help other patients who may be struggling. More questions and answers are generally offered in a group setting, improving the patient-provider relationship.

At Heritage Health we offer affordable health care that gets results!

With Heritage Connect we:

  • Connect You to Providers

  • Connect You to Educational Resources

  • Connect You to a Community Who Shares Your Medical Goals

We have programs dealing with:

Heritage Health is changing how Healthcare is delivered once again...

Talk to your Heritage Health provider about the SMAs available for you. SMAs work best for those with chronic conditions who can benefit from group education and interaction with others in a similar situation.

For more information, please call (208) 625-9997 or email us at:   sma@myheritagehealth.org