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What is a Community Health Center?

A Community Health Center (CHC) is a non-profit health organization that provides care to community members. Heritage Health welcomes all members of our community — whether they have Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or are uninsured. We treat all age groups from pediatrics to adults and geriatrics. CHCs are unique in that they are led by a Board of Directors, a majority of which have to be clients/patients. CHCs are designed to provide increased access to health care services for people across the United States and are also known as a Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

Can I come to Heritage Health if I don't have health insurance?

Yes! Your health is important and you can access high-quality care through our providers regardless of insurance status. We never turn anybody away or deny services because of inability to pay. However, services are not free. Low-income community members are charged based on a sliding fee scale and we will always work with the patient to find a payment solution that works for them.

Can I learn more about health coverage options with someone at Heritage Health?

Yes! Heritage Health has trained and certified Outreach & Enrollment Specialists on hand to help patients and community members learn more about health coverage options through the Affordable Care Act. These specialists are available by phone at (208) 620.5220, by office appointment, or by dropping into the 1090 Park Place health center when the schedule allows.

Do I have to show proof of income?

Proof of income is not required to access services. However, in order to access the sliding fee scale and avoid being billed the full amount for services, we do require proof of income. It is best to bring income documentation with you to your first visit if you wish to have your visit discounted. We accept comprehensive tax returns, W2′s, and pay stubs as proof of income. If income verification is not provided at the time of the first visit, patients have 30 days to bring in verification to receive the reduced rate. After 30 days the full amount will be billed. Proof of income must be updated annually.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a visit at Heritage Health is designed to be affordable. Any co-pay will depend upon the individual insurance plan. Heritage Health also offers a sliding fee scale for uninsured community members. Click on the link below to help determine eligibility for the sliding fee scale:




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